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Surahs to Read Every Day/Week

Reading the Quran regularly is an obligation that every Muslim should strive to establish. The creator of the universe, Allah, has given this book to mankind for its many beneficial uses. The beginning of many surahs (or chapters) contain reasons for why the book has been brought down.

10 Duas Found in the Quran

Muslims use the Quran as a guide to help navigate through all aspects of life. Making dua (invocation) is an important part of the Islamic faith, as Allah says in the Quran that believers should call on Him and ask Him for His assistance and forgiveness. Along with this, Allah provides assurance that He can hear and see everyone wherever they may be, and that He will indeed respond to prayers. Allah also uses the Quran to provide numerous examples of specific duas that have been made by prophets and other reverent Muslims. Here are ten duas found in the Quran that Muslims can use to pray to Allah.

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