What does the Quran say about desires?

In the previous blog I talked about temptations and desires that are mentioned in the Quran. I received many wonderful reflections.

Of the many replies, I saw that many people view their desires negatively.

“I hate my desires” they said.

In my study of the Quran, hawa (desire) is not negative by itself.

My friends:

Would God make our very nature negative?

There’s no original sin.

Allah guides our nature.
He wants us to be responsible.
To consume and earn ethically.

The problem is when:

1) Those desires become god:
“Have you seen the one who takes as their god their own desire?”  [25:43]

2) We follow our desires or the desires of others over God and without knowledge:
“Those who follow their [own] desires without knowledge…for them there are no helpers.” [30:29] (and in 24 other verses)

What do you think? Share your reflections below!

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